Residential Solar Energy

Depend on solar energy to power your home for lower costs and energy independence.

Commercial Solar Energy

Your business will benefit when solar energy reduces your monthly energy bills.

Tesla Powerwall

A backup battery you can trust. For use with or without solar panels.

Enphase Battery

Make blackouts brighter With the all-in-one solar + storage system

WE want you to pay less for energy

We’re a trusted solar energy company serving California with a passion for clean, affordable energy. We offer a variety of renewable energy products for every home, every business, and every budget.

Our team of solar energy professionals has over a decade of experience serving the people of southeast and central Florida and can tackle any clean energy challenge. No project is too small or too large!


ProSolar has perfected the 25 year solar array. Every connection throughout the system is comprised of the highest quality aluminum, stainless steel, glass and UV resistant plastic to ensure our “rust-free” installations remain properly grounded and structurally sound over the useful life of the system.

Unlike average solar installers, ProSolar takes many layers of proprietary precautions every step of the installation to make sure your system is insulated from harsh weather conditions and corrosive salt air.

inspired by Natural energy

Whatever your energy goals may be, we can help you reach them with over a decade of experience and expertise. We have a passion for providing you with excellent service and a reliable, high-quality product.









We have partnered with sunrun

Save your solar power with battery storage for when you need it most. Not only can a home solar battery offer backup energy, but it can also optimize your solar savings based on your utility charges. 1. As more homeowners go solar, battery storage will be the key to long-term savings. 2 When you choose a Brightbox battery, you’re choosing peace of mind.

You only have to turn on the news to know that storms are getting worse,3 and infrastructure is becoming increasingly vulnerable to unpredictable weather.4 With Sunrun Brightbox™, you can boost your energy independence with solar storage that puts you in control

ProSolar systems: buy or lease system

Solar power and battery storage don’t have to come at a premium. With utility rates and blackouts on the rise, you deserve control and confidence over your electricity. With our solar lease plan offers predictable rates while providing clean, affordable, and resilient energy with little to no up-front costs.

solar lease plan offers predictable rates while providing clean, affordable, and resilient energy with little to no up-front costs. Our solar lease plans include free 24/7 system monitoring, maintenance, and insurance for up to 25 years.