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We’re a solar energy company serving California with a passion for clean, affordable energy. We offer a variety of renewable energy products for every home, every business, and every budget.

Solar Energy: OUR PASSION

We are a premier provider of renewable energy products for homes and commercial structures in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida, California, and Puerto Rico. Our passion for solar energy has enabled us to empower countless families and business owners in these vibrant communities to embrace solar power. This commitment promotes significant cost savings and environmental stewardship. Dedicated to showing how solar power can dramatically reduce utility bills and foster energy independence, we contribute to a greener future in these diverse regions.


Raven Harris-Smith

Prosolar has been an amazing company to me and my husband I inquired about battery backup for my 6.2 kwh system Kasey and Antoinette helped me all the way they showed me the different batteries that were available I thought it would of been a stressful process in decision making it was awesome I was so happy ...

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I was assigned to Kasey as my solar advisor me and my wife were completely satisfied the employees were courteous and well mannered I was also surprised how Many products they carry for decision making! Prosolar is a great company and I am glad I went solar with them!

Dustin Claery

I spoke to Kasey from ProsSolar, I already knew that I was going solar but wanted to get more info on it and I was very impressed on how much knowledge she has! I was happy to get the panels I wanted and get the offset I was looking for! ProSolar is very professional and I would recommend this company!

Lisa Smith

I started looking for my solar needs around 4 years ago only cause it was a big investment I have been quoted before and kinda knew what to expect Antoinette guided me thru on how and what works best for me we decided a smaller system and battery would do perfect for my needs the thing I liked about this comp...

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Jamie Hartfield

With the cost of everything going through the roof we decided to fill that hole with some solar panels. Hunter over at ProSolar helped with finding what we needed and fit our budget. Very professional service and had is fixed up on no time. Thanks everyone!

Angus Rudes

Spoke to Amy she helped by answering my questions and concerns about solar being my roof she made me feel assured they will be okay and also let me know about the tax incentives for us and how to use I was happy with making my decision

Christopher Johnson

I called Prosolar and spoke to Hunter, me and my wife both made the decision together we got it for our commercial property they had exactly what I needed I was glad to find a company that had options as well we will get solar next on our home can't wait to see the experience on my home! Thank you Prosolar








Solar Panels Installed

Solar Systems

Reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bill, and power your home with a solar energy array for your home.

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Solar Systems

Powering your office or commercial structure with solar provides a reliable, clean source of energy you can count on and that can reduce monthly expenses.

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Powerwall allows you to achieve total energy independence; the unit is a sleek low-profile backup battery that stores surplus power for use during outages and natural disasters.

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Invest in Your Future

ProSolar California is recognized as one of the best solar companies due to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. When you invest in a solar energy system with ProSolar California, you may be able to take advantage of significant solar incentives in 2024. These incentives are designed to make solar more affordable, allowing for up to 100% financing with absolutely NO upfront costs.

Inspired by Natural Energy

Whatever your energy goals may be, we can help you reach them with over a decade of experience and expertise. At ProSolar California, we’re dedicated to providing excellent service and high-quality products. Discover how our solar solutions can transform your energy usage and significantly reduce solar installation costs over time.

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We have Parterned with Sunnova, Sunstone Financial, Reliant and Revolv

Save your solar power with battery storage for when you need it most. Not only can a Business solar battery offer backup energy, but it can also optimize your solar savings based on your utility charges.

No To Blackouts

Power Outages are increasing nationwide and can be costly events. With battery backup you can stay plugged in.

Save More

Lock in a simple, predictable rate that serves your needs.

Preserve Your Home

Take the source of life, use it to power your own, and see your world flourish.

Boost Home Value

A future-ready home can be more appealing to more buyers.

Buy or Lease Your System

With our solar lease plan offers predictable rates while providing clean, affordable and resilient energy with little to no up-front costs.